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Q:  What age can you start working with my child?

A: We have found that the best age for one-on-one instruction, begins at 7 years old.  If you think that your child has the ability at a younger age to listen and react to instruction, then we will be glad to try for a lesson or two and see how it goes.  However; we do let children ages 5 and up attend our summer camps.

Q:  How long are your sessions?

A: Our usual one-on-one session is for 45 minutes.

Q:   What do you generally teach during a session?

A: Our typical session will include 15-20 minutes of hitting drills (tee work, hands to the ball drills, etc.), then 10-15 minutes of fielding/throwing drills and then we usually close with 10-15 minutes of hitting live pitching.  If a player needs to work on something special, we will adjust this schedule.

Q:  Can a parent or player just work on specialty areas, such as pitching, catching, fielding, or hitting only?

A: Sure, we will work on those areas only, if that is what you want.

Q:  Do you use video analysis in your instruction sessions?

A: Yes, we have a special program and equipment, that allows us to tape an individual and then break in down into slow motion for analysis.

Q:  Can a parent sit in during a session?

A: Yes, we are happy for parents to sit in during a session.  We do however ask them not to make comments to their child while he/she is working with an instructor.  If you have a comment during a session, we ask that you talk directly to the instructor.  We try our best to teach the parent our drills, so that they may work with their child on a daily basis.


Q:  What should our expectations be, after our child has attended Troy Baseball?

A: A very good question.  We will do our very best to teach your child the basic fundamentals of the game and to also teach them and you, basic drills to help improve any weaknesses they may have.  Every child picks up the drills and what we are trying to teach them at a different pace.  It is imperative that after your child leaves from a Troy Baseball session, that they work on the drills on a daily basis, before their next visit to Troy Baseball.